European Green Cars Initiative

Libralato Engine Prototype Project
Proposal acronym: LIBRALATO
Work programme topics addressed:

New engine designs are required which meet the demands of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV):-

  • aggressively downsized and integrated within series or parallel hybrid electric vehicles;
  • designed for 'steady state' operation within their BSFC peak efficiency zone;
  • exceeding Euro 6 emissions standards;
  • with reduced production and maintenance costs,
  • with exceptionally low NVH behaviour;
  • with compact proportions that can be easily integrated within vehicles.

Work Package PERT diagram

      Innovate UK

      48V Town and Country Hybrid Powertrain Project
      Proposal acronym: TC48


    • RDM Automotive (UK)
    • Libralato Ltd (UK)
    • Newcastle University (UK)
    • Loughborough University (UK)
    • Infineon Technologies (UK)
    • Tata Steel (UK)
    • Productiv (UK)

    • Work Package PERT diagram

      Fig.1 - Parallel Hybrid PHEV - blended mode operation

      Through this Innovate UK project, Libralato has developed a Mk3 prototype, ready for full performance validation:

      Mk3 prototype 00 sml

      Fig.2 - Libralato Cycle Phases

      Libralato engines is supported by:

           Seventh Framework Programme   European Commission   Innovate